PETKIT Pura Air Smart Odor Eliminator

Deskripsi : PETKIT bring you the new PURA AIR SMART ODOR Eliminator. It removes the odor at the spot and then inhibits the bacteria effectively, to save your from your pet’s fecal odor.

Functions :

-Proactive jetting mode : Two alternative work modes: when pet enters, activate automatically to remove odor. When there is no pet, run every 6 hours to keep air fresh.

-Pure-natural odor remove module : The solid freshener extracted from around 20 pure plants is safe and non-toxic, it can remove odor and refresh air as well.

-Infrared thermal : PURA AIR can identify automatically when pets enter the detection range, then releases aroma and negative ions to refresh air.

-Negative ions decrease dust : Release high-active negative ions to deactivate virus, also help to adsorb dust to purify the air.

Dimensions (mm) : 164 x 40 x 36
Material : ABS
Working Currrent : <0,5A
Working Voltage : 4,5V