PETKIT Fresh Element Mini Pet Feeder is an WiFi-enabled automated feeder that allows you to customise and schedule feeding via the PETKIT app. It can store up to 2.8L of kibble, which is approximately the amount of kibble an adult cat needs for half a month.

PETKIT Fresh Element Mini Pet Feeder has its lid and food dispenser door wrapped with silicone sealing ring and a desiccant pack is present to ensure food remains fresh. Easily detachable and easy to assemble, PETKIT Fresh Element Mini Pet Feeder allows for convenient cleaning.

Suitable both cats and dogs.

Dimension : 315 mm x 319 mm x 170mm.
Weight : 2.2kg.
Capacity : 2.8 L.

  • QUADRUPLE PURIFICATION FUNCTION: Mesh, water loop pulp filter, activated carbon filter; Ion-exchange-resin. Efficiently filters impurities and pet hairs, soften the water and improves the taste of water. Always provides health and oxygen-enriched running water

  • ULTRA-QUIET PET FOUNTAIN: With the super silent pump, you can hardly hear the sound of water. This cat fountain water bowl won’t affect you and your pet to rest (<50DB in 40cm range ). And the unique water flow design is suitable for dog drinking and cat licking; Low power consumption, only 1 degree 3 months with SMART MODE

  • Water-Shortage Alert & Shut-Off Automatically & Filter Change Reminder: PETKIT automatic cat water dish bowl will inform you to refill the water in time to avoid shortage of water. Otherwise, it will shut off automatically. And the Orange Filter Light reminds you to replace the filter for keeping freshness of water

  • INTELLIGENT WORKING MODE & LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: this auto pet drinking fountain features dual working mode. Smart Mode for energy-saving and water springs high frequently make pets drink more.(At day: pump works for 2 mins, and rest for 1 mins. At night: pump works for 5 mins and rest for 55 mins) Normal Mode( the water keeps welling up all the time)

  • Reliable PETKIT EVERSWEET water fountain for cats: 2L/70oz water capacity, special fluent water flow and filtered fresh water encourage your pets drink more. Smart, Quiet, non skid, durable pet water fountain for your cats, dogs, birds and other small animals. Easy to use and clean. 4 x FOAM FILTERS REPLACEMENT included