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PETKIT - Air Magicube Smart Odor Eliminator

PETKIT - Air Magicube Smart Odor Eliminator

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We are concerned about air quality inside family homes with pets. Pet body odors, excrement smells, and dander cause problems in respiratory tracts. Created fora large space, its four deodorizing, antibacte- rial, formaldehyde removing, and antiviral effects have been combined into one product, carefully caring for the health of the entire family.

Material : ABS
Dimensions(mm) : 180*180*213
Rated Voltaged : 6 vdc
Accessories : 300ml concentrated air purifying refill
Power: 6V; Voltage: 6 Watt; Adaptor.
Reachable to 30sqm area
Separate up and bottom bucket.
4 working mode: smart mode; sleep mode; normal mode; powerful mode.
Purifying liquid is used to freshen the air, eliminate the bacteria and formaldehyde.
WiFi connection and App controllable. LED screen for manually switching different modes. Liquid shortage reminder. With child safety key. Liquid usage period: 1-2 months.

Refill for Air Magic Cube. Consist of 3 packs/box. each pack is 300ml.
Order 1 Pack (without Box)
one pack of 300ml can roughly around 1-2 months but can be faster depending on usage

Please watch the video on how to bind Air Magicube to PETKIT APP
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