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PETKIT - Fresh Element SOLO Smart Pet Feeder

PETKIT - Fresh Element SOLO Smart Pet Feeder

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PETKIT New Design Smart Pet Feeder! Now in SOLO Series :)

PETKIT Fresh Element SOLO Smart Pet Feeder is an WiFi-enabled automated feeder that allows you to customise and schedule feeding via the PETKIT app.

XSecure Dual Power Supply Design.
The bottom battery compartment can hold 5 AAA batteries (you need to buy it yourself). If the motor stops unexpectedly, the battery mode will be automatically switched and the feeding function will not be affected.

The SOLO feeder will offline if:
1. The power supply of the feeder was disconnected. If it happens, your router will not work and your feeder will switch to battery power. Before the batteries die, the feeder will operate normally. However, the App will be unable to connect to your device. Records of feeding during this time will be labeled " unknown".

2. The internet in your home was disconnected. If this happens, the feeder will continue to operate as normal, but the App will not be able to track your feeder's status. Any feeding logs from from this period will be marked as "unknown".

When the 2 incidents stated above was happen, after the connection to the internet or power supply is restored, you will only be able to update a maximum of 10 feeding logs, and at during this time you will be unable to adjust the feeding schedule.

Body Size : 316 x 167 x 296 mm
Material : ABS and 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity : 3L (1.33kg) Normal dry food, freeze dried food is also available
Rated Voltage and Power : 6 VDC, 6 Watt
Suitable for Cats and small to medium sized Dogs
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