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PETKIT - Pura X Auto Cat Litter Box

PETKIT - Pura X Auto Cat Litter Box

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Introducing the Petkit automated self-cleaning cat litter box for an easier pet keeping life
Specialized crystal shape filter pad supports more types of cat litters, including Tofu, mixed and clay litter
6 security measures to monitor the entry of cats and stop the machine for safety
Deodorizing function with 99.9% disinfection rate of 12 common pathogens
Real time data report and settings with smartphone app
Smart notification to alert low of litters, full collection box and other incidents

Ideal for cats with weight : 1.5kg - 8kg
Material : ABS
Power : 12V, 24Watt
Product Size : 50,4*53.2*64.6cm
Inner Capacity : 60 L (W45.9*D42cm)
Entrance height from floor : 31cm
Waste collect box capacity : 7L
Suggested litter quantity: 5L
6 Protection : infrared sensor for both outside and inside to detect for the cats movement; weighing sensor; anti pinch sensor; app notification; protection mechanism for sensor malfunction.
Air Purifying liquid inside to remove the bad smell and bacterias. Automatically cleaning the waste days and night. App connection, smart setting and notification

Pura X Waste Bag
Pura X Concentrated air purifying refills
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